Auction Finance Service

One of the best ways for flippers to get real estate deals is to bid for them at a local foreclosure auction. These properties are usually sold "as is" so you need to do your homework prior to bidding however, many times the deals are incredible. 

A Plus will provide finance and partner with you at your local auction. 

Costs ,Benefits, & FAQ. 

  • Leverage your own capital. We will provide up to 80% of acquisition cost. You only put down 20%.
  • Pay a flat fee of 20% for the capital we provide to the venture. Remainder of profit is yours.
  • We charge a flat $2000 for this service. Includes all travel,cashiers checks,wire transfer fees & bookkeeping. 
  • You may choose to remodel and flip the property or simply sell the property without any remodel. 

  • Be able to participate in foreclosures with a small down payment
  • Have capital day of auction and secure your deal. 
  • No Monthly Payment
  • All bookkeeping managed. Focus on remodeling, flipping and selling the property. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do I have to sell the property ?

A. You have 6 mos. After 6 mos we may provide an extension at our discretion or liquidate the property to recoup our capital 

Q. Do I still owe the $2,000 fee if I don't win any bids ?

A. Yes. The $2,000 fee is non refundable and paid in advance along with your 20% deposit. Of course if there is no winning bid, your 20% will be returned however the $2,000 is retained. This offsets our cost of travel and expenses. 

Q. Who pays for the rehab, insurance and utilities expenses if needed. ?

A. You are responsible to pay for any remodeling, and other expenses including closing costs and selling fees. We can assist you in bookkeeping and payables thru our system if you like however those funds would need to be sent to us. 

Financial example :

You would like to have $100,000 for bidding at auction in your county. 

$100,000 Open to Bid. 

$20,000 20% Down payment sent to us prior
$2,000 Service Fee
$22,000 Deposit with us. 

You win a property for $100,000

We pay at Auction $100,000

You return to us when property is sold within 6 mos $96,000 ($80,000 Capital plus 20% Fee) 

Assuming you have $10,000 in rehab costs, utilities, and other expenses. 

$96,000 (Our capital and 20% Fee) 
$20,000 (Down Payment)
$2,000   (Service fee) 
$10,000 (Rehab and Expenses.) 
$128,000 property cost. 

Assuming Property sells for $150,000 

You have a $32,000 profit with an investment of $32,000. DOUBLE YOUR MONEY !

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