Who doesn't love passive "Mailbox Money" ?
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Get a monthly payment with no tenants, leaky toilets or vacancies to manage. 

We own a portfolio of private mortgage notes on single family homes, condos, and commercial property nationwide. 


  • Make money like a bank does with monthly mortgage payments to you 
  • Passive means truly passive, no phones calls, no customer service, no fires to put out, just plain monthly cash
  • Zero Stock Market Correlation
  • Low Minimum Compared to Other Real Estate Investments
  • Investor Portal/APP to Track Payment Dates, Documents and Reports
  • Invest as little as $5,000
  • Monthly Income 

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EARN 6% -10%

 Monthly Principle and Interest Payment to You 
(10 Year Note-120 Total Payments)

Corporate Guarantee Program

Stop working so hard and make "Mailbox Money"

Q. When will I get paid ?
A. You will receive your monthly payment on the 25th of each month.
This gives us enough time to collect the payment from the borrower and process your disbursement.
Q. How is my money secure ?
A.Under the Corporate Guarantee Program we guarantee payments will be made to you with our corporate note.

Q. Is my money stuck for the duration of the note ?
A. If you need liquidity you also have the option of assigning your investment to another investor. 
We can assist with that if you should require it at that time.

Q. What if the borrower defaults on the payment ?
A. We receive payments on many notes nationwide in our portfolio. Under the Corporate Guarantee Program we will continue to make payments to you as promised on your due date.
Our team of counselors will work with the borrower to resolve any payment issues.
Sometimes they just need a little extra time. As a last resort,our disposition team will manage the foreclosure process to recoup the capital.

Payments to you are guaranteed by us and will continue during this process regardless.

This is the benefit of investing with seasoned professionals like us in this space. We are able to provide seamless payments to you due to our large diversified income portfolio of notes.

This is truly passive "Mailbox Money"


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