Private Investor Opportunity 

A Plus Real Estate Capital purchases, remodels & sells single family homes, condos, and commercial property nationwide. 

We are seeking private investment for the purpose of growing our footprint and projects. We have an experienced team of in-house project managers, contractors, and strategic partnerships to accommodate in excess of 50 projects annually.  We have been involved in over 300+ fix and flip projects since our inception in 1997.  

You can take advantage of this lucrative business model by allowing us to pay you a fixed annual interest amount for the use of your capital to fund these units.


  • Full collateral and safety  
  • No Single Property Risk 
  • Earn 7%-10%  APR interest 
  • Short Minimum time period of 9 months. ( Renew or Redeem every year)
  • Low Minimum Compared to Other Real Estate Investments
  • Zero Stock Market Correlation
  • Quarterly Interest payments 
  • Investor Portal/APP to Track Payment Dates, Documents and Reports
Rate Schedule
Investment amount     APR rate
$25,000                       7%

$50,000 7%

$100,000                          8%

$500,000                          9%

$1,000,000                     10%

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