Profit Sharing
Project Managers 
We will fund 100% of the project.

 We would like to work with SELECT existing Real estate professionals, Contractors,  and Agents. You MUST have industry background to qualify. 

We are looking for good expirenced project managers to partner with :

  • Find Properties/Deals
  • Manage the Bid/Remodel/Flip process
  • Locate Buyers and Agents to assist in selling the property. 

We will fund 100% of the project including purchase , rehab, closing and carrying costs. 

When the property sells we will profit share with you. You will receive 40% of the net profit for locating the deal, managing the remodel process, and subsequent sale thru a realtor or by owner.  

Benefits and Features of our Profit Sharing Program versus other financing methods
  • No Capital required on your part.*  ( First time partners required to escrow funds) 
  • No Upfront Points
  • No Income required
  • No Credit Check
  • Close in Days. ( We have cash ready to fund immediately)
  • Build a Track Record
  • Participate in Multiple Properties
  • We handle all bookkeeping and provide you with a system for contractor payables. 
  • Earn an amazing annual income.

* First time partners required to post up to $10,000 in escrow funds to cover any unexpected losses on project
*Partners need to provide reimbursable earnest money and BPO or appraisal expense. 
**Max $100,000 for first time test deal. Increased amounts thereafter

Build a relationship with us. We would love to work with reputable and established project managers who need a strong financial partner. Let us work together and build wealth for the future.  

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Ready for the next step ?

We like to review properties that are under contract. Once you have identified a property that you would like to work with, have the seller enter into a sale contract with us as the buyer. 

Buyer will be A Plus, LLC. 

If the seller requires an earnest money deposit, make sure you require it fully refundable with at least a 14-21 inspection period. ( The longer the better) 

During that time your frame, you will get contractor estimates, order a BPO/Appraisal thru us, and get our decision on proceeding with purchase/financing. 

Please use the form below when you have the property under contract. 

Submit Property Form
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