Project Manager Property Status Update

We expect our Project Managers to provide us with status updates on the property or properties they are working on. We require a weekly update on progress of renovation, and sales & marketing. We also require before, during, and after rehab pictures.
Please email pictures to
Please use the form below to submit your weekly report. 

In addition we suggest using the following iOS apps (iPhone & iPad) to assist you in your real estate business.


What Is It:  MagicPlan is a really cool app which allows you to create custom floors plans by just moving your phone or iPad around the room taking pictures. It’s kinda hard to explain here in a blog post, but essentially – you just use the camera to move around the room, and it automatically maps out the room. To see a video of this thing in action, click here.

Why Project Managers Should Use It:  This app is great because you can quickly and easily make floor plans. I see three great uses for this:

  1. Rehabbers can make house plans to use before a heavy remodel and to help plan for materials
  2. Landlords can make quick floor plans to include on their Craigslist or website listings.
  3. When selling a property, you can now include floor plans in your marketing material.

HammerPoint AppHammerPoint

What Is It: HammerPoint is an iOS app that allows you to quickly create detailed repair estimates for any job. You can create new reports for each project, and the app will actually walk you through each item that may need repairing, auto filling a description of the work details (fully edit-able) and even offers a suggested cost for that repair.  Finally, you can export the list of repairs to yourself and create PDF reports of all the repairs required.

Why Project Managers Should Use It: Cost overruns are one of the largest reasons investors lose money on real estate deals. Using an App like HammerPoint, you can be sure to add up all the repairs needed for a rehab job and avoid those deadly cost overruns.  This can be especially helpful for house flippers who are about to embark on a large remodel. 


What Is It: Zillow helps you to keep track of the newest listings and uses a “Map Feature” to allow you to see what’s for sale (or been sold) in a certain geographical area.

Why Project Managers Should Use It: I think it’s pretty self explanatory, but I’ll explain my favorite ways to use this app. First, the map features are extremely helpful when driving around, to be able to see what certain homes are listed at in the neighborhood. It’s a really great way to get a feel for prices and, although obviously not perfect, you can get a good ballpark for what an ARV might be in a neighborhood.  Second, it allows you to see  ”sold” properties in the area, which combined with the map feature can be extremely helpful when driving around. 

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